Food from torture?

After a long time I watched the documentary Food, Inc and it made me so sad to see how the animals are treated by some of food companies. I am trying a lot to cut down my meat consumption but its little difficult to become vegetarian in a day. But you know what, what this documentary and some of you may stop eating meat next day.

Here is a link of the documentary:

My respect to all vegan and vegetarian people out there for the good cause! I hope those companies shown in the documentary, Food inc, will have better environment and treatments for the animals that make so much money for them.

Finally back home after the terrible accident

It was not fun for sure. Lucky that didn’t get injured but significant damage to the car. After being stuck in Lima for about a week dealing with insurance, collision centre and freezing cold, finally got back home after 24 hours traveling via Greyhound bus. I believe inside Detroit greyhound bus station it was -10 C or below last night. Its around -40 C here now. This morning I had to wait another 2 hours at London, ON bus station I thought I won’t survive. Finding food was impossible on foot so had a muffing whole day yesterday. Finally today when I got back to town all I could think about is a Tim Horton breakfast.

I guess I need a break from traveling.

Stuck after an accident

I had my first big accident on Valentine’s day after Friday the 13th. My car fell into a ditch close to Lima, Ohio. It was a construction zone, dark around 1 am, I believe me tire blew and lost control of the car. Luckily everyone was fine. Now I am stuck in Lima until I get the car fixed and can drive back to Canada. Not sure how much it will cost me but I hope I can go back home safe, sound and not broke.

A sad day

Today I found one of my five budgies dead at the bottom of the cage. I also found out that she was egg bound and I guess that killed her after reading so many articles online. I never thought my budgies can lay eggs without dedicated mating cell. I realize having a pet without proper knowledge might not be a good thing. Their life is as important as all other living thing on this earth.

Last night the birds were making lot of noises and I couldn’t figure out why.

If you have budgie, you can read this article to get more information: