How to Know When Death is Imminent, Signs Someone is Dying

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I know that this post’s title is awkward, but these are the terms I used when searching for information when my father was dying.I knew nothing about the process he was undergoing, but then when would I have learned about dying? The basics of conception, gestation, and birth are covered in health courses, but not dying. So I started looking for answers. If the post’s title’s phrases have brought you here, I hope you’ll find these notes useful. 

Nearing the End of Life

There’s a lot of good material in Nearing the End of Life: A Guide for Relatives and Friends of the Dying by Sue Brayne and Dr. Peter Fenwick in association with the Clinical Neuroscience Division of the University of Southhampton (UK). Dr. Fenwick is a leading researcher in End-of-Life Experiences and their importance for the dying and the bereaved, a topic of interest to me.      

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