Banff, Calgary – Canada – with mom

In 2014 after my mother came to Canada to visit us, I took her to see Calgary and Banff for her birthday. She loved the rocky mountains of Canada.

Travel dates:
Sep 11 – Sep 15, 2014

Rio de Janerio – Brazil – World Cup Soccer 2014

I went to Rio de Janerio for the 2nd time in 2014. But this year it was mainly to see the world cup soccer 2014. The only match I saw at the Marcana Stadium was the Quarter Final between France vs Germany.

Travel Dates:
June 30, 2014 – July 8, 2014

Last note from Babul Uncle

Babul Kaka passed away today

Today my uncle, my dad’s youngest brother, passed away. May Allah place his soul in heaven. He has been a great inspiration of my life and I can’t believe that I won’t see him again. When I left Bangladesh to move to Canada, I knew I might not get another chance to see some of the loved ones in the family and at that point I didn’t know how painful that can be. I lost my aunt (dad’s eldest sister), my dad, and today my uncle. I wish I could be there with his family at this time. He was always there for me, for my family, for my dad.

Last night I was cleaning my room and found a wrist watch that he gave me before I left Bangladesh in 2006. I guess that’s him saying goodbye. I will miss you chacha.